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The Right Loan Officer

Finding the Right Loan Officer

Before you start search for through Spokane Real Estate listings, take a moment and consider your home financing.  Financing a home may be one of the most important monetary decisions you will ever make in your life, so you want to make sure that you work with a lending professional who brings experience, expertise and sound judgment to the table here in Spokane, Washington.

Broken down to the very basics, a loan officer's job is to guide a borrower through the home financing process. The loan officer reviews the borrower's credit, assets, income, financial circumstance and objectives, and determines which loan products will best suit the client's need. Then the loan officer guides the borrower through the application and loan process.

But a qualified loan officer is so much more than just a home financing tour guide. He or she should be a trusted advisor that helps you make a well-informed decision about your home financing. Like an accountant, lawyer, real estate agent or financial advisor, the loan officer is part of the continuum of your personal finances. So you need to make a smart choice. Here are several important considerations:

Last but not least, you are ultimately looking for a partner and trusted advisor to help you make a very complex decision. Seek out a Spokane, WA loan officer who is asking you questions about your finances and your future goals. This will demonstrate that the loan officer is trying to determine a loan that will fit not only your home, and not only your finances, but one that will fit your life. If your loan officer is asking those fundamental questions, then you've probably found the right one.