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Here are some articles written by your Spokane Realtor: Jim Grapes.  These have been published here on this web site, my blog and in various article directories on the web.

Spokane Window Treaments
There are plenty of good reasons why you may want to get new window treatments for your Spokane area home.

Pricing Your Home
Showings and offers are a major way the Spokane real estate market will inform sellers how close they came in pricing their home for sale in Spokane according to a realistic sales price.

Buyers' Agency?
These Ten Powerful Questions Advise the Use of a Buyer’s Agent When Buying a Home

Utility Costs
If you are Spokane home shopping and want to learn what the historical utility expenses have been for the seller read this article and learn how to find this information online for homes with Avista Utilities as a utility provider.

Short Sale vs. Foreclosure
If you are underwater on your mortgage and need some relief, which is better for you.  A usefule comparison table to help you decide.

Are You Ready for Your Home Inspection?
Check out these 10 easy steps to get ready for a home inspection.

What School Will My Children Attend?
When it comes to purchasing a new home in Spokane, one question almost universal to all parents of school aged children is, what school will my children attend if I purchase this home?  Find out the designated school for a particular address.

Tax Credit Closing Extended
The U.S. Senate has amended a bill to give homebuyers who were under contract on a home purchase by April 30 an additional three months to close the deal and claim the federal homebuyer tax credit.

Energy Prices and Home Buying
An article about how the big increases in energy prices is affecting some people's search for a home.

Pricing your Home for Sale in Spokane
Discusses the process and strategies of pricing your Spokane home in a buyer's market.

Property Values in Spokane WA
Addresses the issue of whether the prices of homes in Spokane are holding their value, rising or declining for the first quarter 2008.

Fairchild Air Force Base
This article talks about the unique challenges the active duty personnel face when searching for Spokane real estate after they have received permanent change of station (PCS) orders to Fairchild Air Force Base FAFB.

How to Compare Schools in Spokane Washington
This article presents the concern of locating a good school in Spokane.  Parents relocating to Spokane WA want to be sure they are purchasing real estate in an area with great schools.  It also addresses where to get information and how to compare Spokane schools with data available on the web.

Spokane County Schools
A directory of schools in Spokane County with links to their web sites and to each of their report cards from the Washington State Department of Instruction.

Spokane Summer Fun
A list of fun things to do this summer in and around Spokane Washington

Realtors and Washington State's New Cell Phone Law
My ramblings on Spokane Realtors and responsible use of cell phones while driving.

Buying a Spokane Home: Resale or New
Ideas on the home buying search process and the availability of certain features of homes for sale in Spokane Washington.  When is buying a new home the right approach, when is a older home.