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Housing Market Snapshopt Q1 2008
Washington Center for Real Estate Research published a report on the Washington State Housing Market for Q1 2008.  This snapshot of the housing resale market conditions reports on market conditions for all of Washington State and its counties.  In the report Spokane County sees a 2.7% increase in housing resale values with the median resale value at $186,800.  However, the volume of sales in remarkably lower from the previous year.

City of Spokane Seeking Applications From Developers to Funding Incentives to Develope Low Income Housing - January 8, 2008
The City of Spokane is seeking applicants for funding that can be used to acquire, rehabilitate, or construct rental properties within the City limits that are affordable for low-income residents in our community.

Greater Spokane Incorporated 2007 Year in Review

Not all bad - December 9, 2007
Cumberland Times-News - Cumberland,MD,USA
Not everything is doom and gloom about the Spokane real estate industry these days.

Spokane Home Prices Continue to Buck National Trend - Novemember 21, 2007
CNN-Money Second Quarter Numbers Show Spokane Homes Prices as 9th in the Nation for Appreciation

Spokesman Review - November 18, 2007
Regional economy rolls over the bumps

Spokane Journal of Business - November 8, 2007
Banks start to see more loan problems. - Real Estate Feature November 8, 2007
Spokane listed in report of "Ten Rising-in-Value Real Estate Markets"

Wall Street Journal Online -  November 7, 2007
Dump This House - Unloading Your Property in a Slow Market

Business Week -November 5, 2007
Real Estate: Seven Smart Strategies
Tips for Dealing with Your Biggest Investment as You Approach Retirement

Business Week - Novembet 5, 2007
A Smooth Move into Retirement
Planning to relocate when you  retire?

Spokane Journal of Business - October 25, 2007
GDP Estimates for Spokane Released for the First Time.

Spokane Home Prices Buck National Trend - August 16, 2007
CNN-Money Second Quarter Numbers Show Spokane Homes Prices as 9th in the Nation for Appreciation

Spokane Journal of Business Special Report - June 28, 2007
(Spokane) "Not ready to slow down: Residential sales remain strong here, though construction begins to sag."

Spokane Journal of Business - February 8, 2007
(Spokane) "Foreclosures fell sharply here in 2006"

The Real Estate Report
Spokane and Kootenai County Real Estate Report - Fall 2006