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There are plenty of good reasons why you may want to get new window treatments for your Spokane area home.  If you take some time to think about your windows you may realize that you really want a new interior style or decor, a bit more privacy, to save money and energy in your utility bill, to adapt to a change in lifestyle, or perhaps some combination of all these factors. Once you’ve decided that new window treatments are right for your situation, make certain the window covering products you purchase actually satisfy your goals and motivation for new window treatments in the first place.

Spokane Window Covering: Design & Decor

Window treatments are available in a great many styles.  Not all these styles appeal to everyone.  Personal taste has a bit impact on your preferences.  If you recently purchased a new home the existing window treatments might not feel like home to you.  When many people in Spokane purchase a new home they quickly replace the window treatments to spruce up their home.  The professionals at Budget Blinds can help you make interior design choices that will transform the look of your home overnight.

Spokane Window Covering: Privacy

Spokane Window TreatmentsOne frequent reason denizens of the Lilac City feel a need to find treatments for their windows is to get a bit more privacy. A major consideration is how much privacy you feel like you need. Natural blinds, fabric shades, and light drapery can give you some privacy while still letting light into your home. Wood, metal, and plastic blinds, thick draperies, and even shutters, can be installed if you don't want people outside seeing anything past the glass.

Spokane Window Covering: Energy Efficiency

Spokane Window TreatmentsAnother frequent reason Spokane home owners purchase new window coverings is to increase their home’s energy efficiency.  Windows are typically a major source of heat loss during the cold Spokane winters, and a sunny, south-facing, window may overheat your house in the hot summer months. To insulate your Spokane house from the cold, check out thick drapes, cellular blinds, reversible shades, and thick or magnetically sealing Roman blinds. All these window coverings provide a combination of insulation and an impediment to air flow which will make a huge reduction in heating bills. For the summer, you should aim to block light. A combination of light blinds or fabric drapes with a more solid blind or drape that's there when needed can make a huge difference.

Spokane Window Covering: Professionals

When you’re ready for new window treatments in Spokane, check out my friends Brian and Terri Fleischer at Budget Blinds of North Spokane.