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Pricing Your Home in Spokane, Showings and Offers

When selling your home in Spokane, how can you tell if you have priced it correctly, according to the current Spokane real estate market conditions?

When it comes to the Spokane real estate market, you can quickly tell if you have priced your Spokane home for sale by what the market tells you in terms of showings and offers. No showings means you are priced out of the market. Showings and no offers means you are close but are only helping to sell the house down the street. Pricing your home properly will result in a quicker sale and more money in your pocket after the sale.

What happens when a home comes on the market and is overpriced?

Overpriced homes in Spokane and everywhere will get stale, or shopworn and the buyers develop an impression about the listing that there is something that is wrong with the home because it has been on the market for so long. later, when the home is priced appropriately the listing may be tainted and still not draw much interest due to the long marketing times. A better approach to pricing is to enter the market priced appropriately and position the listing to be the best value in the neighborhood.

How can you determine to price a home in the Spokane real estate market appropriately?

The number one thing you can do is heed the advice of your professional Realtor. They work with the buyers and sellers in the Spokane area regularly and have the pulse of the market. Remember your Spokane home is competing with several hundred, and even thousands of active listings currently on the market. If you must sell your home in Spokane then position it in price and condition to be just a bit more attractive to buyers then your competition.