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Your New Home in Spokane, WA – What Can You Expect for Utility Bills?

So you’re shopping for a new home in Spokane.  You are prequalified for the mortgage.  You have a good idea of what your new property taxes and insurance expenses add to the new full service mortgage payment.  But have you considered what your new gas and electric payments will be?

When shopping for Spokane real estate you may want to consider what the historical utility payments have been to have a better idea of what the new Spokane property will have on your monthly budget.  Many homes in Spokane, Washington are served by Avista Utilities.  Avista will be happy to provide the historical cost of gas and electric provided to the Spokane home you have in mind for purchasing. 

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One way to learn the historical utility costs is to phone Avista Utilities and working your way through the automated receptionist until you speak with an Avista Utilities Customer service representative who will happily look up the information for you.  You will be able to find out what the 12 month average monthly payment has been along with the high monthly payment and the low monthly payment.

However, if you are doing your research during off hours, you may find that customer service is closed and you’ll have to phone back during normal working hours.  But, you are not out of luck as Avista Utilities has made this information a self-service prospect for Spokane home shoppers.  All you need to do is visit the Avisita Utilities web site and navigate to their “High, Low, and Average Bill Amounts” web page. <--- Click this link to go to their web page.

You will need to enter the minimum applicable data to access the database. 


You will need to provide at least the following information:

Street Number
Street Name

Simply enter this information into the required fields and then click “Find.”  You will be rewarded with the screen with information like this:

The charges for the electric and/or natural gas at XXXX  Main Street for the last 12 months are as follows:
High Bill Amount:              $289.26 / February
Low Bill Amount:                $120.21 / July
Average Bill Amount:        $218.00