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New Foreclosure Prevention Resource Guide

A powerful new tool for homeowners struggling to keep their home!

“Foreclosures continue to rise across the nation and, particularly here in our state, more homeowners than ever before are facing the fear and uncertainty of potentially losing their homes. We urge all homeowners who find themselves in this difficult and complex situation to use this guide for information and guidance as you prepare to take action.”

      -Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna

We understand how important it is for you to get accurate information and access to resources and assistance as you work to keep your Spokane home.

Spokane real estate news seems gloomy lately. It seems like every day more news reports tell of the growing problem of home foreclosure here in Washington State and even more specifically right here in Spokane. There is an increase in people falling behind in their mortgage payments. Penalties, late fees and back payments add up to a seemingly impossible sum to catch up and pay current. Many people in this situation speak of the overwhelming feeling of impending loss and panic in not knowing where to turn or who to trust to help them in their situation. And for good reason, some predators are clearly looking to take advantage of other's misfortune. We hear reports of scam artists who promise to help struggling home owners only to take possession of the home through some fancy paperwork and empty promises. Television and radio commercials abound with offers to help eliminate debt and financial problems. The promises seem too good to be true but at the same time very compelling. So where does a struggling homeowner turn. Start by getting some FREE information in the Washington Foreclosure Prevention Resource Guide. Arm yourself with knowledge of how foreclosure works in Washington State, how to assess your personal financial situation, what your possible options may be and how to avoid becoming a victim of a foreclosure prevention scam.

Learn more about efforts to the foreclosure crisis in Washington State with the Washington Foreclosure Prevention Resource Guide.  Inside this guide you will find a range of resources and information to help you better understand mortgage delinquency issues and loan terminology, assess your financial situation and determine the most appropriate course of action for your situation.

The Washington Foreclosure Prevention Resource Guide, created by the Seattle-King County Asset Building Collaborative Foreclosure Prevention Action Team provides information on a wide variety of foreclosure prevention topics including:

We hope this resource guide will help provide the tools and assistance you need to help you take the necessary steps to keep your home or minimize the financial and emotional impact if you must, indeed surrender your home.”   
                      -Scott Jarvis, Director of the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions

For more information on foreclosure rescue scams, fair lending, and other helpful lending related topics, including information about local HUD Counseling Agencies, visit Your home may be worth more than you think, for a comparable market analysis contact a reputable Spokane Realtor.